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  1. I found your site when reading the last laugh on an e-zine. I’m a horse show mom who’s looking at taking over the daughters horse now that shes going to college. Boy, can I relate to your stories!

  2. I always loved your stories in the e-zine. I am so happy that you have a blog. I started riding again 3 years ago after about 20 years of not being on a horse. I just started taking riding lessons to try to keep up with my very well trained Quarter Horses who probably roll their eyes when I do certain things. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    • Thank you, Kristie. Glad to have you aboard! Very cool about you picking it up again after 20 years. It’s encouraging to me that you have stuck with it for the last 3 years.

  3. I want to know EVERYTHING – (really) – We went from boarding our boys to having four horses in the side yard. Learning slowly, too! Welcome to the crazy obsession.

    “I want a pony, I want a pony, I want a pony.” ~ Lisa Simpson

    • Knowing EVERYTHING is a noble pursuit. Yeah, it’s funny how horses just show up and take over. But of all the crazy obsessions people can have, this is one of the better ones I think.

  4. Bob, I didn’t know you had a blog! Just subscribed. 😉 I’m with you on preferring trees over letters. Alas it’s a a a a and c c c c for me also. You can save your calves if you don’t mind looking somewhat strange. Cut the tops off a pair of tube socks, wrap jeans around ankles, slide tube sock top over wrapped part of jeans. Stuff bottom of tube sock into boots when putting on.

    Not that I’ve ever done this….

    • Jane, I just checked out your blog again. Awesome stuff – I love it! You are just so damn funny. It put me in good mood before I even knew I was in a bad one. And I am getting one of those Horse Head things. For sure! I’m not afraid of that guy with the cookie sheet. Although, he does hit pretty hard. But I probably need that anyway. I put Literary Horse on my blogroll – it’s just so darn funny and fun. Both.

      And I’m going to take you up on the tube sock over the jeans idea. But only when I wear the horse head thing. It’s only $24.

      Do you know where I can get a banana costume? Not just the head – the whole banana.

  5. I am 56 years old and have 2 horses. I have worked/shown cattle which brought me to horses. I always loved them but was afraid of them. I am taking the same journey you are and love every minute of it. I am a beginner who looks forward to just seeing my horses every day. I take occasional lessons with a group. I love to see folks that never retire from riding. We have a guy here in my area of WA that still rides in his 90’s!

    • Good to have you along for the ride, Maggie! Keep us posted on how you’re doing. There is a new magazine out now for riders over 40. It’s called Seasoned Rider. I pretty unseasoned yet, but I qualify due to age.

      90? Hokey Pete… I’m just trying to make it to 55.

  6. I buy Trail Rider magazine mostly to read Goddard’s Last Laugh articles because he’s the Equine Dave Barry and HE GETS IT…. “A Ride in the Woods” is hilarious and authentic. Bob is hysterical because he “straddles” both sides of the saddle: all things horsey and all things not. Thanks Bob! And may the horse be with you.

    • Thank you, Joann! Trail Rider is just a great magazine for all kinds of riders. And yes, it is so much fun having a leg on each side of the saddle. I like the Star Wars reference. I’m thinking that “Dark Side of the Horse” would be even more menacing than Lord Vader.

  7. I hope you don’t mind me asking for advice. I’m 12 years old and have only been on trail rides and pony rides when I was little. I hope that one day I will be able to ride. I literally am Horse Crazy, I have a lot of horse books. But the problem is I want to volunteer at at a local ranch, but how can I convince my mom? She wants me to go into a career that I will “use my brain”. But honestly, I don’t want the “smart kid” label (too late for that). And I don’t think that I can walk the walk. I can talk the talk though. Thank you. : )

    I Love your blog!

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