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  1. Met Bob today at the Horsefest. we had to agree, some of the best times we have had, have been doing the horse things with our kids. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything! I only wish the grandkids were closer so I could do horsey things with them. I was a 4-H advisor for about 10 yrs and took my daughter on endurance rides and competitive rides from age 8 until age 17, almost 18. Absolutely the best memories!! And maybe some of the best are when she babysat me on my green horse!! J

    • It was fun meeting you, Jeanie. I couldn’t agree more, some of our best memories are from the horse parent days. At the time, I complained about all the money and time we spent, but today I would tell any parent with kids who are genuinely interested in horses, it’s worth every penny and minute.

  2. Hi Bob,
    After reading your article in the May issue of The Trail Rider,Just wondering why not a smooth gaited Tennessee Walker trail horse and forget about all the misery of the TROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i JUST DON’T GET IT IF YOU ARE TRYING TO BE A COWBOY,WELL ROY ROGERS,GENE AUTRY,AND THE LONE RANGER ALL RODE TENNESSEE WALKERS , JUST WANDERING. !!!

    • I would like to try the Tennessee Walker for sure, T. York. I’ve never been on one. But I don’t want to do it just to avoid the effort learning how to trot on other horses. Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues. The Tennessee Walkers do sound like terrific horses and I’m going to keep your comment in mind.

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