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Despite the name of this blog, I am new to the Art & Agony of horseback riding. I’ve been around horses all my life, having lived in houses occupied by horse crazy sisters and daughters. While I like horses and they seemed to tolerate me okay, they have always been on the periphery for me. And until recently, I haven’t felt the need to team up with one.

To be honest, I never thought I would be able to ride. That the horses wouldn’t have it and I didn’t have the patience or motivation to convince them otherwise. That maybe I was just one of those people not meant to be on a horse.

Now, with the AARP years upon me, I have decided to give horseback riding a serious shot. In June 2011, I started riding lessons. My instructor is Karin Schmidt, the owner and operator of Karin’s Horse Connection at Legacy Stables in Caledonia, Michigan. She is the most patient person in the Known Free World.

My progress in becoming a genuine equestrian has been slow – very slow.  But I am doing things I never thought possible and I’m having more fun with it than I ever imagined. And I’m getting to know horses – and horsepeople – from entirely new perspective.

And I have no idea what’s going to happen next.


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6 thoughts on “About Bob the Equestrian

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  2. Sounds like a great start to a new adventure. Perseverance and patience is the best advice I can give. Don’t give up and have fun….. Remember to ride with a smile, they sense it!!

  3. Hello! Remember me, Samara? July 2012? :)

    I just want to thank all of you so much, I asked all of you about volunteering at that local ranch.. Well, three months later my mom said yes and I asked and they let me work there. I’ve been going every weekend since and wow, it has been such a journey! There have been so many ups and downs of it but I’ve learnt so much and I know that this is my passion, I love everything about our equine friends!

    I’ve learnt so much; jumping, galloping, proper care, grooming techniques, how to break in a horse, showing and so much more! I just want to thank all of you who commented so much, if it weren’t for you guys I don’t know where I’d be. :)

    So thank you, I really appreciate what you guys did. I’m 14 now and I just did my first show with my free lease horse, JayJay. He is a 14 year old ex-trotter that I retrained and this weekend my parents and I are going to talk to his owners about buying him. You guys gave me the confidence to approach my mother about riding and I’ve truly found my life long passion! JayJay and I are something special; I love everything about him! Even if its cleaning tack, feeding, cleaning stalls, anything!

    So thank you! :)

    If you want to keep up to date with me and my riding journey I have a YouTube account I made when I started out riding in September 2012 only about 3 months after I approached you guys for advice. So here you go; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mtxUi4iFvajWdr-PQB43A

    Haha, I can’t say thank you enough because horses are a true passion for me and I don’t know what I’d do without them! So THANK YOU!

    • Wow, Samara – so nice to hear from you again! Great to see that you’ve learned so much and that you have developed such a close connection with JayJay. Very cool that your doing YouTube to chronicle your journey. I think we should do an extra post next week and bring everybody up to date on your progress. Warms my heart!

  4. Wow it sounds like this is a great place if you love horses and people and I do!!! I am older 67 – just retired and now that I have time I want to work with my horses but I still need work to be a good leader for my horse! Look forward to learning more about Legacey Stables

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