Second Nature

Lesson #21 is turning out to be a repeat of Lesson #20.  I’m riding Charley again, the morning is beautiful again and I just want to ride and not work again. Karin is giving me plenty of time just to freelance around the arena. I wish Charley would bolt, jump the fence and take me into the woods for a ride.

Not really. I’m sure he could bolt and jump the fence. But I’m equally sure that by the time he got to the woods I wouldn’t be there for the ride.

But a pleasant jaunt down a woodland path does sound nice. For now, I have to settle for taking the Morgan to “A”.  And then turn the corner and direct him to “H”. I have nothing against letters. It’s just that I prefer the trees.

I know I can’t go out there yet. I have stay and work in this equestrian laboratory. The formula isn’t strong enough for the woods and I have to perfect the elements.

This doesn’t stop my mind from wanting to drift. It’s that kind of day. I would just as soon let Charley make the decisions so that I could just coast along.

I think about when I learned how to type in the 8th grade. It was done through drill and repetition: “h  h  h  h  h … a  a  a  a  a”.  It was as if we were teaching each of our fingers what letters they would be responsible for.  After a time, the brain to finger connection got so strong that typing words and full sentences became second nature. Now, I can sit at the keyboard and without looking down, my fingers go right to the correct letters and I am able to focus on the words I want to say and on the ideas I want to express – not on what my fingers are doing.

What I want is to relax. What I need is control. They aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. In fact, there is a synergy between the two and they eventually meld into one thing. But first, the elements have to become second nature.

So on to “H” we go, Charley. I say it with my legs.


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4 thoughts on “Second Nature

  1. Found out recently it’s not called “typing,” it is now “keyboarding.” Hmmmm.

    I hear you, Bob, and like those typing fingers, you need to automatically be able to do the right thing for yourself and your horse, not instinctively go into the default fetal-position.

    Great to see your heels down, but your jeans are riding up – this will make you sore, too, and no amount of Yoga or stretching will combat that kind of pain. I’m trying to help, not shout out NEWBIE.

    • Yes, back in the jeans, but only for a while. I would rather shed a few pounds then go out and buy another set of jods. The pain will help motivate me. I think. Thanks again, Rachel!

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