Good Moods

For Lesson #20 Karin gave me the choice between Maree, the little Quarter horse and Charley, her Morgan. She must have been in a good mood, because Charley is her baby.

I took Charley.  I was in a good mood too. Charley is a good mover. While it’s still early in my equestrian career, I’ve been at this long enough to know that when you’re in a good mood you want a good mover.

Charley was in a good mood too. He had just finished his breakfast and was very much looking forward to going outside. He was on the cross ties with a saddle on, people were around, one of them had a helmet on and no doubt he was able to add all this up.

The reason for all these good moods was obvious. It was a gorgeous morning, warm and sunny.  Part of this bizarre chunk of summer that got dropped in between our Michigan winter and our Michigan spring.  Outside was the place to be.

It was our first lesson in the outdoor arena in several months. Karin warned me that Charley might be a bit exuberant at first.

“We can do some cantering, but do you mind going on the longe line?”

Mind? I demand it!

“Sure, Karin, I guess that would be okay.”

“Good.  First, walk him around the arena a bit and just enjoy the morning.”

Really, this is always my favorite part of the lesson. The relaxed, low pressure communing between horse and rider.  And nature. She was in a good mood too.

As Hiliary snapped photos of the three of us, she suggested that I might really like trail riding.

“I’m sure I will H. Just gotta up my skills a bit first.”

Karin put us on the longe line and we trotted and cantered.  I think Charley was enjoying it and probably would have galloped given half a chance. I was working hard enough that I had to take off my sweatshirt. A short sleeves ride in March. Wow.

Both Karin and Hiliary attempted to provide some instruction, but I was having too much fun to listen.

I can “up my skills” next time.

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9 thoughts on “Good Moods

    • Ten pounds fatter is what happend to the breeches/riding trousers. Corrective measures are being taken. I’ll be back in them in a month or two. This is what hibernation does to us mammals.

  1. Bob, did you finally get those ‘cowboy jeans,’ the kind that have the seam on the outside?
    I love trail riding, that’s mostly what we do, but you need to be a fairly decent rider to go for a ‘walk in the woods.’ Things happen out on the trail that you’ll need to be mindful of: turkeys, deer, owls, snakes, bicycles, baby strollers, turtles, unleashed dogs, leashed but barking dogs, fallen trees, low-hanging branches, creeks, rivers, bridges, ramps, rocks (especially white ones!), traffic, 4-wheelers, bears, other riders, etc.
    The more you learn in a controlled environment, with adult supervision, the better for everybody involved.

    • No, the cowboy jeans with the outside seam is still on my To Buy list. Right now I’m just working on getting back into my jodphurs and trying to remember how to spell the word. Jophers. Jodpurrs. Jodpers. Is it “jodphurs”? Is that right? I’ll look it up again.

    • Jodhpurs.

      Can’t wait to try a real trail ride, Rachel. I like your list. Those are things I like. But your point about a controlled enviornment with adult supervision is well taken. I need all the adult supervision I can get. Jenny will tell you that.

    • I’m trying to make up for my deficits in equestrian fashion sense by my pure good looks. Or maybe I’ll just try to lose a few pounds and squeeze back into those jodhpurs afterall.

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