An Equestrian Grandpa Prepares

Andy and Hiliary have provided photographic confirmation of our New Equestrian To-Be.  It’s a good picture, labeled for our convenience so that you don’t have to turn it sideways or upside down to see what’s going on.

Now it’s time for me to get to work.

First, I get to name the baby. Andy & H said I could. I think I’m going to pick “Ndamukong Suh”, after the Dear Old Packer Stomper himself.  That way, we’re covered whether Baby is a boy or a girl.

For that First Baby Equestrian Toy, I hopped over to Millbrook and as expected, I was greeted with a plethora of choices. I liked this one, but at this stage, I think it’s a little early to put that kind of pressure on the child:

I’m not sure what this thing is. I didn’t like it:

And their living conditions are horrific:

Wandering into the Children’s Section at Millbrook, I found this stuff:



I finally settled on this guy.  Or maybe it’s a girl, I don’t know. Like The Baby, there are simply no discernible gender features to go by.  Yet.

The tag says “Douglas” but all the tags on these animals say “Douglas” and that’s crap. All horses – even stuffed ones – should have their own names.

I will call him/her, Ndamukong Suh. Because, honestly, I don’t think Andy and H are really going to abide by my decision and I feel a need to name something after him. And Jenny is simply refusing to have any more babies.

I know, I know.  I see the poor conformation and questionable soundness too.  Not only that, but Douglas/Ndamukong Suh appears to have no mouth.  Despite these deficiencies, I am not returning him/her to Millbrook.

He/she can stand watch over the Unnamed Baby while the One-Armed Riders will serve as escorts when the time comes.

I can’t wait.

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9 thoughts on “An Equestrian Grandpa Prepares

  1. I see you like dirty football players….

    But on a happy note congrats on the Grandbaby and have fun shopping for horsey toys!

    Faithful Packers Fan

    • Thank you, Erica! Yes, I am a faithful fan of the Lions and think highly of Suh, despite his rep as a dirty player. Like most Lions fans, I was not happy with Suh for what he did on Thanksgiving – it was clearly intentional. However, we were upset because it was a blatantly stupid act that hurt his team. We still want him to be as aggressive and intimidating as possible. “Dirtiness” both during and between plays is a staple in the NFL – everyone plays the intimidation game, you just have to know when not to step over the line (or on other players, for that matter). It is an art that this young player – and a few other Lions – are still learning. But don’t expect to see a bunch of nice guys when they face off against the Pack in 2012.

      For my purposes, Suh’s persona provided a perfect foil to contrast with the qualities of a stuffed animal intended for an infant. While controversial in certain circles, I feel adopting his name for “Douglas” was more appropriate than using the name of say, any number of 20th Century dictators or contemporary terrorists. Plus, Ndamukong Suh has a kind of poetic/exotic ring to it, don’t you think?

  2. Dad I love that picture of the toys guarding the baby picture! Did mom let you keep those there? I’m guessing no..or maybe Violet got a hold of them. I really feel for those poor one- armed toys. Maybe we can make them a new ones with aluminum foil & pipe cleaners.

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