One for the Head

I hopped over to Millbrook the other the day to buy my helmet.  I picked Millbrook because they’re close, they have a good selection of everything and the people are nice in there.

Yet, I still feel like a fish in a rowboat when I walk into these places alone. I instinctively avoided the English section, my old prejudices kicking up again. I mean, I like English saddles, so you would think I would be over it.

Nope. It took two trips around the store, before I risked entering The Forbidden Zone.  But I’m glad I did, because that’s where they keep the riding helmets. I think they do this on purpose.

They had a good selection all right.  The boxes sported names like “Performance”,  “Sport Riding”, “Elite”, “Olympian”. I wanted a good one, but not one that presumed anything. I didn’t know what the hell to get.

A young store clerk noted my consternation and came to my aid. Her nametag said “Kelly”.

“Are you doing okay?”  I liked that she was concerned.

“I’m not sure.  I’m looking for a riding helmet.” Sometimes you have to state the obvious in order to begin your half of a conversation.

“For your kids?”

“Indirectly it is.  No, actually it’s for me to use.”

Kelly glanced at me and said, “Oh – well, you’ll need one.”

This, I took as a compliment.  Much better than her looking at me and saying, “Ah, don’t bother.”

I nodded. “But I’m not sure what to get.”

“Well, what kind of riding are you doing?”

“I do everything. I just started last year.”

“Well, okay…”

“I want a guy kind of helmet.”

“Well, okay…”

“I’m concerned about the color.”

“Well, here…” Kelly picked up a box labeled “Troxel” and “Schooling”.

I liked the sound of that.

She opened the box and pulled out a brown helmet.

Oh yes.  Perfect. I put it on and looked at Kelly.

She nodded and smiled. “That’s a good look for you.”

Of course, there was a mirror right there. And I had to disagree with her.

“Gawd. I look like a dork.”

Kelly nodded and smiled again. “Yeah, we all say that. They’re helmets.”

That worked for me. Sometimes you have to state the obvious to make somebody feel better. And make a sale.

But really, it’s good to have a real human being on hand at such moments. I know I could have ordered this on-line and had it shipped directly to my front door. But it wouldn’t have come with a Kelly.

When I got home, my advisory committee gave their opinion.

Two paws up.

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14 thoughts on “One for the Head

  1. I see you also got the CAT SCAN – good for you! I’ve broken two of those excellent helmets, worked like it was designed. My head did not get broken, not even a headache.

    • Thanks again Kelly! I wore it for my last lesson. It was SO nice not having to run in to Karin’s tack room and sort through her helmets, find the right one and spend 10 minutes adjusting the thing. At that point, you just want to get on the horse and get going. And I do like the helmet very much. Thanks for helping me get the right one.

  2. I hate the look of helmets and I always feel I look like a total dork when I wear one. However, I refuse to ride without a helmet. I have had a few spills and I have no doubt that a helmet saved my life or at least helped me avoid a serious head injury. Bob, I’m glad you bought one–smart move.

  3. Thinking about getting a helmet … Lordy! Why can’t they make one that looks like a cowboy hat?? I need the brim to keep sun & rain off! OK – I understand the brim would make your neck snap, but they could make a crushable brim so that it LOOKS like a cowboy hat, but upon impact becomes flat as a pancake. I’m pretty sure a lot more bull riders would wear them too!!!

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